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Developed by accident whilst on the path to the High Speed TPU; this one is the standard TPU, Sunny's first flexible filament

Flexibles are remarkably strong and simply unbeatable when flex is needed in a part 


Gloss Black

Shore 95A hardness

Extruder temp: 200-220°c

Bed temp: OFF

Layer height: 0.2mm+

Diameter: 1.75mm -/+0.03mm 

1KG Net weight

220g Spool weight

1.35KG Shipping weight

Please Dry the spool at 35°c for 12 hours before use

TPU has flawless layer adhesion and all types of strength levels, except hardness of course; this is the benefit of flexibles being able to flex for the life of the part

TPU sticks well to most common printing plastics such as PCCF, PLA, ABS and more
This allows multi-filament prints, done with any method available, to create hybrid parts that flex only where they need to and have a strong, rigid body

TPU itself can be made very rigid by printing with parameters such as 5 walls and 50% infill, completely solid prints can be surprisingly stiff, and far outperform similar materials


Known as Hard-to-Print this all comes down to flow and the coldside of the extruder, TPU flows much lower than ABS, PLA and even much lower than PETG

This is the reason TPU generally must be printed slower, it lowers the flow and allows the filament time to lay down before the coldside of the extruder tries to ram in more filament, risking the famous TPU filament extruder "blowout"

Best videos for TPU printing made easy click here

With these videos printing on a 600mm bowden extruder can be learnt in a day, although it may be around 10-15mm/s print speed it will lay it down and make Direct Drive seem very easy

Don't want to slow down? 

for High Speed click here

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