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PCCF Pre-order

PCCF Pre-order

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For information on this product please see the link - Click here PCCF

Pre-orders for PCCF at a reduced price to account for the extra wait

This listing is continually updated with virtual stock, to allow pre-purchase of filament at any time when the store is physically out of stock, securing your place in line.
Materials are on the way and spools are being produced, 10-20 Days maximum. Sometimes single kg’s produced ready to go early randomly throughout the period, this means your order may come even earlier than expected!
Purchase of this item means your order Will Not ship out for at least 1 week, 3 weeks maximum

Pre-order bulk to save

1kg: $75/spool

12kg: $73.3/spool

24kg: $72.5/spool

48kg: $70/spool 

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