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18% 6-12mm carbon fiber Polycarbonate


Extruder temp: 250-300°c*

Bed temp: 90-120°c

Nozzle: 0.4mm+

Diameter: 1.75mm -/+0.03mm 

1KG Net weight

220g Spool weight

1.35KG Shipping weight


Please Dry the spool at 65°c for 4-6+ hours before use - Drying guide click here

PCCF TDS Click Here SDS Click Here

High quality professional engineering filament that anybody can print!

Highest grade custom Polycarbonate - 12Months R&D

UV stabilisers and real carbon fiber gives tolerance to 100% constant exposure to Australian summer sun

Extreme temperature resistance up to 135°c, Suitable for dishwasher

No dangerous fumes and very ecologically friendly, approved for some food uses

Tight filament diameter tolerance means setting "1.75mm" in slicer is set and forget!

Perfect material for harsh environments where other filaments fail

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25% carbon fiber variant (textured) Still available upon special request with MOQ 24 spools, contact Sunny

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