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Bed Levelling

Manual Bed levelling must be done, even with ABL’s to minimise Z travel mesh. The best, most accurate and easiest way is to use “LCD bed levelling” feature on Marlin or “bed_screws_adjust” command on Klipper.


These methods only take 1-3 minutes, but it is strongly advised to heat the bed and let the heat spread to the top print surface for 15 minutes first, leave the nozzle cold and ensure it is clean at the tip, preferrably with no filament loaded.


Excellent guides by Klipper; which have principles valid to any firmware type



Bed leveling


Manual leveling





When printing for beauty it’s best to print colder with high fan speeds, however when printing for strength it’s best to go hotter and use less to no fan.

To maximise Sunny PCCF strength; fan is turned off and/or print at 265°c+
Volumetric filament speed also affects temperature and layer times, E3D V6 has been approved by Sunny filament for PCCF up to 15mm/s³ @ 275°c.
Recommended extrusion temp: 260-282°c
Maximum extrusion temp @ 15mm/s³: ~350°c
Sunny PCCF is extremely safe, but please use a filter anyway at high extrusion temps. 


Excellent videos by CNCKitchen; which have principles valid to all filament types
Not a guide, but praise of PCCF properties! Prusament PC Blend Review — CNC Kitchen
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  • RevXS Customs

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  • Jeep

  • Toolhead

  • Levers

  • Large Drone arm corners

  • Bambu Lab X1

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