Sunny Plant Hire
Ipswich area +/- ~30KM

Book Now: Danny@Sunnyfilament.com

General earthworks wet hire only
Patient, calm meticulous operator with 3 years exp making this the ideal time for customers to get cheap hire with decent experience before my prices rise to cope with 2024.

Specialty: A+ Grade 300kg concrete Block retaining walls
Can do Levelling, Compaction etc.
Can do anything excavator can do just ask! HAPPY TO DO SHORT JOBS WITH TRAVEL COST :) Fill garden bed etc.
Travel cost: $1/km + $50 one-way

Current machine: 5Ton Hitachi 40U ~5250kg pictured below

$90/hr wet hire (wet includes operator)

Digging buckets 3 sizes included
Mud bucket wide included
Site travel cost: $1/km + $50 one-way
Ripper +$10/hr
Block soft grab +$20/hr
Hydraulic grab +$20/hr
Rock breaker +$45/hr
Auger holes +$55/hr
Extra Man +$60/hr
Extra Man on compaction machine +$90/hr
Excessive wear like igneous hard rocks will require extra wear fee for teeth and breaker etc
  • Dash part

  • RevXS Customs

  • Spine

  • K3 toolhead

  • Jeep

  • Toolhead

  • Levers

  • Large Drone arm corners

  • Bambu Lab X1

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