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Sunny filament is a new filament producer in Ipswich QLD! Specialising in exotics like PCCF initially to suit the demand of Australia and NZ, the next filaments to come will be


3D Printing waste is not helping the Environment, so we take it very seriously at Sunny, where all exhausts are properly filtered before release and no plastic is ever thrown in the garbage bin. All boxes have only a paper printed Sunny sticker with no printed custom box designs to ensure they reach the proper recycling areas, boxes are only used for shipping and storage


Deliveries are through Sendle and Australia Post who guarantee a complete carbon-neutral delivery process, this matters as shipping can be a serious punch to the environments' guts.


To ensure your spools arrive safely recyclable black bundling film and 4850 is used for strapping multiple kg orders, 4800 for sealing boxes and Monta 860 is used when UBIS not on hand.


Ubis 4800&4850 paper tapes; “Heavy duty environmental friendly packaging tape with high tack hot melt adhesive.” Monta 860 PLA Bio based film; “Suitable for industrial composting - certified by TUV Austria and meeting the requirements of EN 13432, ASTM D 6400-04, AS 4736 (2006) and ISO 17088 (2012).”



PC+ CF PC CF PCCF CFPC 3D printer filament Australia queensland new south wales victoria south western northern capital territory tasmania nz new zealand nsw vic nt sa wa tas print printed printing prints 15 18 25 % 15% 18% 25% PLA PETG ABS ASA Nylon PA PA6 PA12 PA6-6 PC Polycarbonate Carbon fiber fibers fibre fibres Glass kevlar aramid PLA+ ABS+ PACF EPACF PA12CF PPCF strong tough Polycarb Australia UV max pro PC-CF
  • “When you print something from PCCF everything else feels inferior. Has such a nice weight to it and it’s proper strong. Not just spruicking for the sake of it either” - C.D.

  • Mate ur shits amazing turned out great massively happy - B.J.

  • Great stuff. Very easy to print CF-PC (both varieties), strong and excellent consistency at a very reasonable price. Posted quickly and always helpful with any technical queries. I'll keep coming back. - A.F.

  • Hey Sunny filament ! I finally had a spare minute to try your CFPC 15%. Very nice, very easy to print too - C.H.

  • incredibly strong! I bottomed out the screw and put more pressure on it that I would have normally. The thread held and the tabs in the trench of the extrusion did not deform either. One good brew there Sunny! - B.M.

  • Printed coil is 10 times stronger than petg. made the bearing holder as well. when you need parts to be tough you cant go past it - C.D.

  • Yeah, and printing beautifully! thanks - M.J.

  • Printed benchy on standard pla profile with temp bumps needs slight adjustment but feeling nextlevel strong + also is very pretty - C.H.

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